About Houssam

Houssam Bizri has been involved in both IT and Education for the last two decades. His first face-to -face workshops to academic staff were called “Introduction to the Internet” and “Introduction to HTML”.Houssam has been with the initial birth of the internet right from the start. He has seen, lived and experienced the revolution of the internet with all its effects and opportunities that it offers; witnessing the transformation in education and technology by completing his first so called distance training (receiving 5inch disks and printed books by Australia Post), then participating in computer based training (sitting behind a computer and loading a CD) and now with the uprising of the online learning world as we know it today where any course being developed has to be available and accessible by many screens (including mobile and smart tablets) and being overwhelmed by the growth of the open learning era (MOOCS) you the learner studying with thousands of other learners across the globe.

Houssam is eagerly anticipating the future in the field of online education with the development of mobile and wearable learning (google glasses, virtual and augmented reality) – Yes the possibilities are endless.

Over the last two decades, Houssam has been involved in both community training and higher education. He has successfully completed many higher qualifications including Bachelors of Adult Education (b.AdEd), Master in Business and Technology (MBT) and Master in e-Learning (M.e-Learning) and many certifications. He is currently pursuing his doctoral qualification focusing his research interest on educational mobile technology. In 2014 he was part of an elite e-Learning team that won a global catalyst award in e-Learning innovation and received the award in USA / Vegas at the Blackboard World conference.

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Houssam is a senior educational designer for both business and the education sector. His learning courses focus on open source platforms and applications for the web, bringing extensive practical knowledge and professional applied experience to educate and devise the best learning outcomes for the courses on offer.

Houssam has been invited as a guest speaker to a number of online e-Learning and e-commerce events and is recognized in the industry for his contributions to teaching and learning practices. He conducts many face-to-face training workshops at the University of Sydney.

Houssam’s courses and coaching offer a diverse and wide range of subjects from software development, mobile innovation, cloud innovation, email marketing, online program marketing and management and a host of other web-based platforms and applications learning.

Houssam is an enthusiastic advocate of lifelong learning.